Google Drive improves file sharing

Cloud services save us a lot of hard disk space, as well as help to get access to files from any location where there is a network connection. The head of Google Drive project, Alex Vogentheler notes in his blog, which is absolutely essential that cloud storage is safe, as well as general.

Google Drive improves file sharing

Updating Google Drive is trying to make sharing easier files than ever, by the removal of such agent as e-mail. In addition, the team Drive improved access to the file, making the preview files on Android possible without a Google Account.

The system of providing and requesting access to the files was always a bit awkward. Undoubtedly, the exchange system works, but sometimes you can run into annoying moments when someone has sent you a link to a shared file, but forgot to set up access to its change in file permissions.

This update adds the option to allow access request if you can not edit the file. The owner receives a request in the form of notification, where can provide you with access to a single tap.

The notification feature also simplifies working with files. Earlier, when someone shared file, Drive send an email with a link to the file. You have to open the email, and only then go to the link.

Now Google Drive takes notice, with which you can go directly to the file.

Finally, Android users can now access the preview shared documents, even if they are not logged into your Google account.

You have been able to do it using a web browser, but now this feature has been made available to users of mobile devices.

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