Google earned several billion on Android

Have you ever wondered how much money Android generates for Google? “Green robot“ It is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, so we can expect that amount will be relatively high.

Google earned several billion on Android

According to one of the lawyers of the Oracle, NWA All the operating system of Google generated a total revenue of $ 31 billion, of which $ 22 billion is net profit.

As you know, Oracle and Google are quite long struggle in court after Oracle accused Google of using its Java software in Android, without paying for it. These figures, which should not have been made public, the lawyer opened January 14.

January 20, called the Google Federal judge edited the transcript to the public, claiming that Oracle’s lawyer released information from confidential internal financial instruments that could adversely affect the company’s business. The statement also said that these figures are not confirmed and is unlikely to be confirmed in the future.

$ 31 billion of revenue from Android for all the time – a fairly small compared with the total revenue for the year. For reference, only in 2014 it was $ 66 billion.

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