Google employees have shared a video with photos Nexus 6P

About Nexus 6P specifications became known almost a month before the presentation. However, one characteristic was kept secret until the announcement of the smartphone. When the camera 6P specifications became known, many might confuse small compared to other flagships resolution. Well, let’s look as 12.3-megapixel camera PHABLET show themselves in real life.

Photos taken on the Nexus 6P camera were announced by former engineer Android, Romain Shai, who is now working on another, undisclosed Google project.

Romain is an experienced and talented photographer, and although these images have been processed, the quality of the Nexus chamber 6P should be noted. Some pictures taken in low light, show a little grainy, but no photo is not fuzzy or blurred. Plus, Romain explained that he had increased the brightness of certain images in the built-in photo editor, which caused some noise.

With regard to the overall impression of the Nexus 6P, Romain Guy said it “a camera that makes taking pictures of me.” Of course, it is not absolutely neutral

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