Google Fiber has teamed up with the state program

The Internet has become such an important part of our lives that without him is almost impossible. This can be a serious problem for people trying to return to work after a serious financial impact. That’s why Google decided to team up with Obama Housing Department, to bring Google Fiber for residents of public housing.

Google Fiber has teamed up with the state program

In fairness, this project is also pretty savvy move from Google, to help create the infrastructure for Fiber. The problem is that the creation of the Internet initiative is very expensive.

In fact, in their financial reports indicated that Fiber is one of the biggest expenses in 2016. Working with the state program aimed at providing connectivity for those who may not have access to it, a great way to offset the cost and the ability to lay the infrastructure.

Google Fiber plan aims to provide Gigabit connectivity for residents of public housing that is free of charge. Also in the package includes free routers to residents had the opportunity to connect even without a computer.

This project will primarily nine cities where Fiber already exists, since Kansas City. Fiber There has already been installed in nine public housing structures, bringing high-speed connectivity 1,300 families.

Once the program is established in those places where the service exists, the Google wants to expand to 11 cities, and has already begun to study komapniya candidates.

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