Google Fit app got updated



The program for sports from Google is now able to calculate the distance traveled and spent during this time calories.

Google Fit app got updated

In order to make the sport more successful and allow athletes to carefully monitor your health during training, the developers redesigned the interface of Google Fit, and added to the program a number of useful functions. This was reported in the official Google blog.

If you add to your profile Google Fit information about sex, weight and height, the program will be able to count how many calories the user spent during exercise and throughout the day, just while walking.

also in Google Fit the opportunity to analyze their training for a certain period of time – at least for a week, although in the past month. Now the athlete will be able to learn how it develops and how the impact of its training.

In addition, Google Fit users can now install the widget, which will always show on the desktop fitness goals athlete and display all the results of training. This widget is made for Android Wear smart watch.

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