Google gives 2 GB in Google Drive

As part of Safer Internet Day, Google once again began offering 2 GB Google Drive bonus to those users who have completed the security check. This is the second year, when Google carries out such an action to draw attention to ensure your online identity.

Google gives 2 GB in Google Drive

Safer Internet Day – this is an excellent opportunity to assess the users of their online security by checking social networks to accounts at online stores.

Every year, the Safer Internet Day is dedicated to one particular theme and this year it sounds like “Play a role to improve the Internet”To remind everyone that we all need to play their part.

As one of the leaders in the formation of the Internet, search engine giant encourages users to look into your Google Account settings. As an incentive, the company offers 2 GB of additional space in Google Drive.

So, how do you still get the bonus? The process is fairly simple, you just have to go this link, which will lead you to a security check screen, conduct a full examination and instantly qualify for extra around 2 GB.

Unlike many other actions, this bonus is available on an ongoing basis, so that you will not find a notice that while using the additional volume expires.

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