Google has created a clever engineer mirror

Every year, a futuristic contraption from a science fiction movie is getting closer and closer to reality. And in many respects it is promoted by Google.

Google has created a clever engineer mirror

But this time we do not talk about a new project “good corporate”, Will focus on Google Engineer invention.

Apparently, the search giant engineer, Max Brown, likes to use his spare time more productively than just watch TV on the couch. Instead, he created his own smart mirror running Android at the bathroom – and it looks amazing.

Mirror displays information such as time, weather forecast, latest news and headlines in a clean, minimalist interface. It is still under development, and Brown is experimenting with adding other items, such as jams and reminders.

The display itself is not interactive, but its purpose is not the case: Brown says that the idea of ​​the mirror to automatically receive the relevant data in the same way as Google Now. And there is always another voice search.

The concept is surprisingly simple: a two-way mirror, an ordinary display controller board, power button, and the dongle with Android. Also, it’s just a bunch of glue, adhesive tape, plastic, the most expensive part – the mirror.

Of course, this is not the first smart mirror, and there are plenty of home-made solutions. But this is one of the first such devices, which look quite organically.

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