Google+ has received a number of new features

Google is constantly improving their applications for the Android operating system. However, the web version of the service is also not remain without attention of the search giant. Upgrade to Google+ right now allows you to assign a record at the top of your profile.

Google+ has received a number of new features

After Google redesigned the web interface to their social network (which is still available and has not been formally announced as a preview), the company settled on completion of certain functions. These days, Google is working on bringing some of the features in the new version.

Other changes that can be seen when viewing a Google+ in the browser, as for the recording. Now you can easily move any of your posts in the collection. Also, changes have affected the communities in which it is now easier to invite people.

Google has already updated a number of its online services. Innovations appear in Gmail, Google Drive and Google+. It remains an open question what service “good corporate“ It will be as follows.

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