Google has stopped the sale of a number of applications

Not long ago, Google has blocked the sale of multiple applications in the Google Play store. The reason for this was the fact that developers are trying to cheat advertisers, not showing ads to people or showing ads at a rate such that the user simply has no time to read it. According to estimates, the losses from this fraud is $ 850 million per year.

Google has stopped the sale of a number of applications

These companies Forensiq, which specializes in this kind of types of fraud identified more than 5000 applications using hidden advertising banners. Also, applications have been identified, such as the Waxing Eyebrows, Celebrity Baby and Vampire Doctor, as well as the developer Sevenlogics, showing up to 20 advertisements per minute. Sale programs zapodozrennyz in questionable activity was stopped for violating company policy, Google has not disclosed the details.

Last week, Google has published a report according to which the search giant’s revenue rose 11% to $ 17.7 billion, and net income rose to $ 3.93 billion, showing an increase of 17%. The main income of the company – from advertising revenues, which amounted to $ 16.02 billion, up by 11%, and given that Google gets paid by advertisers only if the user clicks on the advertisement, fraud developers unprofitable and «good corporate».

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