Google holds a hidden poll named Android N

Google holds a hidden poll named Android N

Each time a new version of Android on the horizon, there is much speculation about what Google the name of the dessert will be used to code the name of the operating system. As for Android N, then the situation is no different from previous ones.

Google holds a hidden poll named Android N

Android lovers seem to bet on “Nutella“That would mean another licensed trademark after Android 4.4 KitKat, although there is the likelihood that Google will use the name of an Indian dessert, as hinted Google CEO, Sundar Pichai in a question and answer session. He also said that Google will soon conduct a survey, and it seems he has already begun.

Reader Android Police sent two questions that he had received from the Google Opinion Rewards, Android-application that allows users to earn Google Play credit in exchange for answers to the consumer.

Google Opinion Rewards asks users to fill the line with «delicious food»That starts with the letter N, and the second gives navybor «tasty treats»That begins on N. It is easy to make the assumption that Google carries out the survey in connection with a possible name for the upcoming Android-release.

In particular, the food does not include a list of Nutella, instead “Nut brittle”. “Nachos”. “Noodles”. “Nougat”. “Neapolitan ice cream” and “Nori”. “Neapolitan ice cream” strangely mentioned twice, and Indian food is not listed at all.

So we still remain to guess what name will receive the final version of Android N, but we can narrow down the options to this amount.

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