Google increases the rewards for breaking Chromebook

Security – this is one of those issues that are constantly discussed. And many large technology companies are actively releasing a patch to fix the security problem and Google is no exception.

Google increases the rewards for breaking Chromebook

But in a place with constant updates, Google has long been headed by a program of rewards for bugs found, and pay enthusiasts who manage to find flaws in the various systems.

Last month, Google announced the expansion of the program to include research grants that will pay the search for specific defects. Today, Google announced the latest addition to programs that focus on two areas of concern for users: Google Chrome and Chromebook.

In Chrome, plan expansion now includes a fee for downloads of protection bypass. The main objective of the study, to determine the way in which can be broken by the Safe Browsing mode.

Since the Safe Browsing feature is designed to reduce the risk of the URL-addresses that may contain malware or phishing, Google has, it seems, is particularly interested in detecting any irregularities in the system and configured to ensure full security against phishing and malware attacks.

With regard to the Chromebook, Google will increase the rates, to ensure that your Chromebook remain protected. The reward for a successful hacking Chromebook as a guest before was $ 50,000. Google also notes that they have not yet received any successful attempt.

As a means to stimulate further action, the Google announced that the reward for breaking Chromebook has been doubled to $ 100,000. Before even so, the company continues to be the winner, as special studies conducted by the company, are much more expensive.

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