Google integrates Gmail to Google Calendar

Google is constantly trying to make life easier for ordinary users with their applications, as well as to make the user experience more enjoyable. To this end, the company constantly improve the service and integrate some other program interface.

Google integrates Gmail to Google Calendar

Recently it happened to Tablescape, which is implemented in Google Maps, and now the user can attach photos to the locations of food restaurant where spend time. Photographs will be displayed to others, if, during the navigation, they will pass by this restaurant.

Now the search giant decided to connect Google Calendar with Gmail sharing service, and all the events that are sent to the user will automatically be added to the corporate calendar.

As soon as the user will receive an update when you start Gmail will be a short guide that will show how the event will be added to your calendar from your mailbox.

This feature can be disabled in the settings area, if it is not trebuetsya.Kak however, Google’s services become more convenient.

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