Google introduced a new compression algorithm

Over the years, Google has made efforts to save data web pages with numerous compression methods that allow us all to open websites slightly faster.

Google introduced a new compression algorithm

The chip giant is preparing to release a new compression algorithm for Chrome and other browsers called Brotli, who is said to have 20% to 26% percent more efficient than the existing algorithm Zopfli.

Brotli algorithm is based on a completely new data format that allows Google to improve the compression ratio while maintaining approximately the same speed as in its current implementation.

You can learn more about the technical details in Google’s blog, but in short, the smaller the size of the compression makes better use of the website and download data faster stranitsau that is really important.

For us, mobile users, it also means that web pages will consume slightly less data than before, saving our precious limits of limits data.

We do not have the exact date, when Google introduce a new compression algorithm, the Chrome browser, but the code is apparently ready to ship, so that it can appear in the next version of the browser.

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