Google introduced advertising from broadcast applications

Google recently introduced the function of streaming applications in the search results, and now the company announces a new interactive advertising, which will broadcast the games of the ads before downloading.

Google introduced advertising from broadcast applications

After discovering the fact that one of the four installed applications have never been used by the majority of owners of Android-devices, the Google tried to find a new way to lure users and demonstrate the application at its best.

With the new interactive advertising, advertisers will be able to offer real gameplay and make the ads more interesting.

Trial run advertising will allow users to play or use the application for 60 seconds by streaming content before you need to download them.

This will allow people to check before downloading the game, which will give developers the ability to attract users who are more likely to actually be interested in it.

While the new feature is available only to a limited number of advertisers, but soon it will be available to all.

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