Google introduced Android Experiments

Google launched Android Experiments – analogue mobile application site Chrome Experiments site.

As is the case with Chrome Experiments, the idea Android Experiments It is to demonstrate the applications that make use of new and advanced technologies, as well as an unusual interface.

All applications in the Android Experiments gallery are open source, so that other developers can see how they were made.

Google introduced Android Experiments

Currently, the gallery has about 20 experiments in a range of innovative dials for Android Wear to IOIO Plotter – easel for tablets that lets you draw flip-charts.

Google said that the current suite of applications built using the Android SDK tools and NDK, Android Wear, IOIO board, Cinder, Processing, OpenFrameworks and Unity.

Also, Google’s presentation was released a video that shows the operation of the applications available in the Android Experiments.

And even now gallery experiments has few applications, more and more developers will soon join the Android Experiments.

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