Google introduced Google+ modified

Google has announced that it is working on a new version of Google+. Over the past couple of months, Google has (with Google+ users) realized that most of the social platform focused on communities and collections, and the new redesign will focus on this.

Google introduced Google+ modified

With the community, the user gets access to the forums, which allows to discuss topics with like-minded people. With the collections, the user has the possibility to combine the posts that he liked the topic, to help organize your preferences.
The new G +, will be conveniently located to key collections and communities. From these specific pages, the user can quickly find a new group or topic, or simply browse those whose part is the user.

Google introduced Google+ modified

Google also said that this new Google+ service was better optimized for mobile devices.

To try out the new Google+ service on the Internet, you need to press “Lets Go”At the top. Google said that not all the old Google+ functions will be moved to the new version, so if you want to switch back to the classic look, you can do it.

For mobile applications, the Google+ Android-app is also updated and will be available in the near future.

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