Google invests in Syphony

In the world there is a huge amount of messaging applications. And users is quite difficult to choose a particular. And, apparently, soon will be a new player in this industry.

Google invests in Syphony

Among Android users are quite popular WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, BBM and the Telegram, and Hangouts. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google began to invest in third-party messaging application sharing Symphony.

Investments from the Google app will not only help to reach the first row of the messaging industry, the company is considering the prospect of conquering the different sectors of American business market, which have a high interest in the messaging platform that meets the regulatory requirements for financial institutions.

Thus, in the Symphony term could eventually become one of Google’s applications, however, still too early to make plans in advance. We will closely monitor developments and be sure to notify as soon as new information appears.

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