Google is testing a new Google Now cards weather

Regular Google Now users are probably familiar with the weather cards. But it seems, Google does not fully satisfied with the current design or functionality of these cards.

Apparently, the company is testing a redesign, what became known thanks to several users Reddit. Although few people have noticed changes, new weather card dramatically changed his appearance. The background color is now, it seems, depends on the current time of day and weather conditions. Charts have also received modified design and look more cartoony.

Updated cards offer some new features. For example, now there is more information about the quality of air, sunrise and sunset times, and other health-related messages.

There are three different tabs that display information about the weather for today, tomorrow and in the next ten days.

While Google does not comment on the changes in the design of Google Now. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the company carries out a test run.

So we only need to expect more details to see if Google will introduce a new design weather cards in Google Now.

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