Google is testing a social network for teens

Google has started to make the first steps in the teen social networking segment with a new application called Who’s Down.

Google is testing a social network for teens

The application serves as a way to broadcast the presence of interest with the aim to bring together not amusing and similarly minded people. The app is currently available by invitation only, and the registration form you need to specify the email address and the school, that is, oriented applications on the younger generation.

The Google, it seems, is trying to re-enter the market of social media after their previous bad experiences with Google+. Although Facebook alternative and has attracted a number of fans who were more than willing to leave behind their sympathy in favor of the one, the platform failed to garner enough support to become more than a niche product. Of course, Who’s Down, probably, is not considered as a replacement for Google Google+, it’s just another way to interest your target audience.

Who’s Down is now available on Google Play. As mentioned above, to use it, you need an invite.

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