Google Keep received common settings for notes and reminders

If you used the web-version of the Google Keep this morning, you probably received a new notification of the updated functionality of service. This window informs about a new feature, which adds centralized configuration for Android and the Web.

Google Keep received common settings for notes and reminders

Of course, the application does not get this functionality, but we expect the deployment of an update in the near future.

In particular, there are now options for setting the behavior of the lists and reminders, as well as the sharing settings via the navigation box.

Appendix already have settings for the first two, but they were within the app in the form of pop-up alerts that appear when needed.

A unified approach to settings much easier and faster is because they do not have to wait for a pop-up notifications when you are trying to use the application quickly.

Also, users can now specify a specific presets for reminders. In the past, users had to use a selection tool to enter the date and time and.

In a recent major upgrade to Google Keep adds the ability to create drawings and notes on the image. Today, this opportunity has become available for web-version of the service.

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