Google Keep will be able to draw notes

Google Keep, seemingly got a minor update, bringing the version number 3.2.354 to 3.2.415 changed. There are no visible new features, or even any particularly significant changes, but it does not mean that the update brings only bug fixes.

Google Keep will be able to draw notes

“Opening” Application shows that get built Keep drawing mode so that users can easily create a note with a picture. In addition, users will be able to give a summary import images such as photos and screenshots.

The code indicates that this is a traditional drawing mode that also allows you to draw shapes on the imported image. And like most of Google services that support the synchronization between devices. While it is not clear whether to support the simultaneous interaction of the same figure.

All main-line interface are present and accounted for. It seems that the drawing mode is available through a point «Add picture». Furthermore, the option is available «picture editing».

Along with size and styles of brush, users may also choose different colors. However, there is uncertainty about the full list of colors. The terms have names for 28 different colors, but there is a second list with 12 colors. Most likely, each group is used at different locations or in different purposes, but in order to make more accurate assumptions, information is not enough. There is a line with the words «Toggle full color palette»Which can be switched between the larger and smaller palette.

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