Google launches sale OnHub router

Google is committed to helping users across the world to be on the Internet. And a new announcement from the company another proof. Google has reached a deal with the TP-Link to launch a new, intelligent and secure Wi-Fi router called OnHub.

Google launches sale OnHub router

OnHub has an unusual design that distinguishes it from most common routers. It comes in two colors: black and blue, and is available for pre-order on the Google Store for $ 199.99.

Of course, this inflated price for a standard router. But OnHub aims to offer users much more than can conventional routers.

Software keeps OnHub network for maximum performance. The router scans the channels and provides the least loaded to a particular device.

Also, the user has the opportunity to prioritize devices that must always have the most high-speed network access.

The router will automatically update without interrupting the connection, allowing you to get quick fixes, if something goes wrong.

OnHub uses no flashing lights. The router is controlled by a new application called Google On, which will be available for Android and iOS.

The free app will be informed about the capacity of devices and makes it easy to run a network test. If a problem occurs with Wi-Fi connection, the application will offer options for correction.

Moreover, the user can remove the Wi-Fi password with a few clicks in the app, allowing you to share it with friends, for example, by e-mail.

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