Google Maps and Search Notify me on holidays

Google constantly continue to improve their own services. The company has rolled out a special update for two of its most commonly used applications. In addition to showing the normal working hours, Maps and Search will now display the holidays.

Google Maps and Search Notify me on holidays

Jonathan Sidi, Google Product Manager Maps and Search, published in the official blog of Google Maps a message that the holidays are added to the application mapping. Now, if a holiday falls during the next seven days, they will be displayed in the screen on the application specifically seek them unnecessarily.

It looks like it could very well save time. Also, it will help users to avoid situations where, being in another country, the user can not understand why the shops and restaurants are closed during the week.

Also, if the user is in a certain location, the application will see a warning message that the fins to understand that working hours may vary due to the approaching holiday.

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