Google Maps for Android Wear Get these updates

Google continues to be the dominant force in the map online space. Despite recent setbacks with their partially crowdsourcing Maps, Google Maps team announced the renewal application for Android Wear and adding new API for Wear-developers.

Google Maps for Android Wear Get these updates

If prior to the upgrade team «OK Google, route to … » with the name of the desired location open the app on your smartphone after the update is installed, launch the voice command navigation map and display detailed directions to your desired location.

This is much more convenient, because for land navigation is easier to use a wristwatch instead of keeping to a smartphone or tablet. It is also important to note that the clock still must be connected to your main unit.

Google also announced a new API for Android Wear-development that will integrate Google Maps into their programs. At the start of API available only to large companies, but soon an opportunity to introduce Maps will be available to everyone.

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