Google Maps has got stickers

One of the useful Google Maps features is the ability to set markers on your favorite places besides home and work, and now Google has made the ability to customize these markers using a collection of funny stickers.

Google Maps has got stickers

The new stickers are not of any functional purpose, they make the location more fun and allow people to customize the look of your saved locations.

Google Maps has got stickers

Google claims that the stickers can mark almost any location within the map that you want, including the gym, school, your favorite restaurant, a music store, a bookstore, and so on.

Once sites are labeled and stored under “seats” in Google Maps, you can choose one or another sticker and use it instead of the mark location.

Now available for about 24 different stickers, including images of houses of different styles, a pirate ship, dragon, tree house, the house in the form of shoes, a submarine, a lighthouse, a yurt, a bus or even a sofa.

So you can choose the desired sticker on your taste, and there is no reason for Google to eventually not added more stickers in the course of time.

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