Google may refuse to cooperate with Intel

Intel may be on the verge of losing one of its biggest customers. Rumors say that Google considers Qualcomm’s candidacy for the production of its server processors.

Google may refuse to cooperate with Intel

This was reported by Bloomberg edition today. Although it will not ruin the company Intel, but it would be a serious blow to the manufacturer’s profit. If these rumors are true, Google is to announce next week that they have decided to support Qualcomm company as a new supplier of processor.

Although Intel still supplies nearly all the chipsets of the server market, it weakens their trade. As you can see, currently Google acquired almost a third of a million computer chips and 25% of those produced by Intel.

Mobile technologies are on the rise, and Qualcomm have made a name for itself in this niche, producing the majority of chips for all non-Apple smartphones on the market. Intel is historically based on the PC technology, which, compared to the mobile market, is in decline.

It seems, the Google has already realized the important role of Qualcomm in the world of Android-devices, and the search engine giant is trying to push them to the server chip market.

If Google and Qualcomm will decide to cooperate, it would be a serious blow to the Intel, as the company currently gets half its revenue from server sales.

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