Google need to punish the Oracle lawyer

More 2010 Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google over the use of Java API-interfaces without permission. Then Google said the API can not be granted patent protection and the jury ruled in favor of the search giant in 2012. Two years later, the decision was partially reversed, and in 2015 the Supreme Court again sent the claim for consideration.

Google need to punish the Oracle lawyer

At a recent meeting, Oracle’s lawyer disclosed confidential information provided with a mark «for review». Leaks revealed that Google earned All Android $ 22 billion and that “Corporation of Good“ Apple’s paid $ 1 billion to save the search services on iPhone.

Now, Google has sent a letter to the court with a request to find a lawyer to disclose confidential information and to punish him for contempt of court. Google searches for sanctions that could prevent Oracle disclose confidential information contained in the documents of Samsung.

Samsung has also requested that the lawyers were prevented from viewing confidential information relating to a third party.

In his letter to the court, the Google declared that the statements made by Oracle lawyer, violated a protective order, which resulted in serious consequences for the software giant.

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