Google News support European projects



The company giant is going to allocate 150 million euros for the development of the European online journalism.

In Google launched an initiative called Digital News Initiative. This project involves the company within three years will be partially financed online editions of Europe’s activities. Support Google has decided to provide the most important and authoritative publications: British Financial Times and the Guardian, German Die Zeit and Faz, the French Les Echos, the Dutch NRC Media, the Spanish El Pais, the Italian La Stampa.

Google News support European projects

The objectives of the company giant pushes noble, they say, he wants to support the information society and to make online journalism quality and accessible anywhere in the world. However, it can be seen that recently in European publications there was a set of claims to the company. According to analysts from Europe, Google has monopolized the market and unfair business leads. Perhaps the American company decided to come to terms with Europe, highlighting the dozen or so million for a good cause.

As part of Google has provided not only funding publications, but also work with publishers to develop new ways to spread news items, training of journalists working in the field of digital media, as well as the establishment of a fund for the study of the impact of the news on people.

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