Google Now has received 9 new voice commands

Imagine this scenario. Suddenly the lights went out, and you do not see anything. In one hand you hold your Android-smartphone, and in the other hand you have a package of food. But all is not lost. For example, you can say: «Ok Google, turn on the flashlight» and in accordance with this team flashlight on your smartphone is turned on.

Google Now has received 9 new voice commands

Google has added nine new voice commands for Android-version of the Google Now application. In addition to turn on the flashlight now you can activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, rather, move to the menu where you can turn on or off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the toggle switch.

Another new voice command, «read my posts»Will show the last five SMS-messages. Now also ask you if you want to read them aloud.

You also have the option to run some applications. It works with Twitter, Facebook and some other well-known programs. You can also set Google to open some sites.

Having Google Now «Open the camera»You run the chamber while «video recording» open the camera in video mode. If you are in the mood to listen to music, the command «play music» It moves you to listen to the radio functions of the Google Play Music.

Make a call or send a text to one of the contacts can also be voice. You can set the alarm, saying Google “set an alarm for …».

If you ask the Google, how to change the brightness or volume on your device, you will move to the page display settings or volume.

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