Google Now on Tap equip OCR technology

Google Now on Tap today is quite an interesting feature, but Google’s not enough, so they decided to make the function more useful. Some users began to notice that in the Now on Tap appeared optical character recognition (OCR).

Google Now on Tap equip OCR technology

Now now be able to recognize text in the image to perform a search. But, unfortunately, it does not work on all smartphones alike. OCR same photograph provides different results on different smart phones, and some do not offer.

This is due to the fact that the function needs to be expanded and to include support for various camera modules, so it will take some time before Google will make the necessary changes.

What is particularly good, it seems, the OCR function works with the camera and can be activated in the Google Chrome browser. Also with the new function can be compatible with some applications gallery.

Of course, this feature is still in beta testing and require error correction before becoming accessible to a wide user. Nevertheless, it is certainly a useful feature, especially for people who are doing pictures as memos.

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