Google Now will be able to voice SMS-messages

Google Now is a killer-a feature for Android users, but recently the voice assistant is practically not been updated. Now, in the application, new possibilities for voice commands.

Google Now will be able to voice SMS-messages

The newest addition to Google Now will allow users to listen to their latest message, or show the last five messages.

If you give Google Now inquiry «show me my past posts», Google Now will provide a list of your last five SMS-messages.

He also asks if you want to hear the message, and then asks you whether you want to reply to this message.

It is worth noting that these voice commands, there are some tricks. You need to use a phrase «show me my past posts» or «show latest posts»Because a command «Show me my latest posts» or «read my ..» instead «show», Google shows new messages in your Gmail and voice commands will not be available.

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