Google Now will get a more natural voice

Smartphones continue to grow and one way to enable users to get more from their devices – voice assistants like Google Now. Over time, Google Now users have received much more than just a digital voice recorder, which answers the questions, but the assistant’s voice continues to be an integral feature.

Google Now will get a more natural voice

Through the years the voice in the voice search went from noticeable to such a robot, which sounds rather like a man, and the next update, which seems to pass through a Google server, makes the voice more natural than ever before.

Video that posted on YouTube shows new user Jidery Google Now voice in action where it asks a series of questions, such as weather and make a couple of requests, such as installing an alarm.

Although the voice may seem more natural to many users, many visitors Reddit expressed doubts about the changes in her voice and can not find differences, so Jidery had to take another video, in which he compared the old with the new voice.

Of course, natural voice is not the most important thing in the assistant, but it makes the experience more enjoyable and more comfortable for most users.

Apparently, the company is deploying updates in a rather slow pace and it takes a few days if not a week or more before most users will receive the update.

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