Google officially became a subsidiary of Alphabet

It’s finally happened. Google is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporation that is called the Alphabet. The company has announced plans to change its corporate structure in August.

Google officially became a subsidiary of Alphabet

Google itself will continue to exist under the leadership of general manager Sundar Pichai until Alphabet will function headed by CEO Larry Page.

According to a new report on the Securities and Exchange Commission, Google implemented a merger with the Alphabet. This means that the action Google bylt Alphabet converted into shares in the ratio 1: 1. Alphabet Trading in shares on the stock market will begin on Monday morning.

Why Google decided to restructure? This will help companies to share projects and devote more attention to each. In addition, it will open up new avenues of development for Google, which have little to go does not apply to search engines and smart technology.

Whatever it was, it remains only to observe, to learn, that prepares us to restructure the search giant.

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