Google officially introduced family plan Play Music

When Google first announced the new Nexus-devices, the company announced a new Google Play Music family plan. Now, Google officially introduced family subscription.

Google officially introduced family plan Play Music

It is not clear when the family plans are available, but the official announcement says that the subscribers can take advantage of a new service in a few days.

According to Google, the opportunity to go on a family plan is available «in the coming days» for users in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany. The company plans to add more countries in the near future, the service will be available for users of Android, iOS and the Web.

Family plans include the streaming of music in the Play Music with the ability to connect up to six people for $ 14.99 per month.

And, of course, Google Play Music – is not all that is available with a subscription, YouTube Red will also be bundled.

This means that in addition to access to more than 35 million songs in the Play Music library, a family plan will give users access to YouTube without advertising, the options background and offline video playback, as well as exclusive content, which will soon be included in the YouTube.

Given that individual subscription to Google Play Music is $ 9.99, it seems pretty simple choice for families.

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