Google officially launched YouTube Gaming

Many gamers are well aware of Google’s upcoming launch of a new service strimingovogo YouTube Gaming, which will compete with companies Twitch. After the last few months of beta testirovani.YouTube Gaming finally coming out of beta.

Google officially launched YouTube Gaming

How to know, Google wanted to wanted to buy Twitch, but Amazon was ahead of the search giant acquired strimingovy and service, making it a part of your site.

Now Twitch has become a tool for the sales of games using the Amazon site, offering advertising of a particular title.

Google has released Android-application that acts as a guide and to see a live performance and recorded a lot of game content on YouTube.

Google officially launched YouTube Gaming

Interested users can access the service through a separate application for Android and iOS. At launch, the service will be provided in English only.

The application will soon appear on Google Play, impatient users can already download the application by clicking this link.

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