Google patented the Android-powered device to the eye

Given the popularity of Android-devices, it is now safe to say that Android is more and more embedded in our lives. But apparently, the Google is not enough, and the company intends to make the operating system is not only part of our lives, but also part of our body.

Google patented the Android-powered device to the eye

The patent was filed October 24, 2014, Jason Endryu Konrada name, department head of Google, called Life Sciences, which is now called Verily. As it is known, separated engaged in health development inventing devices facilitating monitoring performance and simplifying the interaction with the environment.

Of course, Google Glass is one of the ways that Android was always before his eyes, but after the failure of the device, Google, seems to consider a deeper integration of the device, applying for a patent «Intra-ocular devices». Thus, the product will be mounted directly on the eye as a contact lens.

Of course, Google does not show Android patent, but that could still be running on this invasive invention? And although it is a new stage in the evolution of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, obviously, it will take plenty of time before this technology will be implemented.

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