Google Photos albums received general

Google Photos app has some nice features, even when it was released back in May, but now the app gets even better with the new sharing options.

Google Photos albums received general

Google has announced the availability of the overall function of adding photo albums.

The process of adding a shared album and setup is quite easy – just select the recipient of some photos and use the menu «share»To create an album.

You can send a link to anyone, and they can access it via the Photos app on Android, iOS, or on the website.

You can allow other users to upload their own pictures or simply view the data you exchange.

Those who joined the album will be notified when new photos are added, and if you allow other users to upload photos, you can save them to your main library.

Google says that the function is already available. The subject, however, to update the application can not reach all users, so it will take some time before you can use the new functionality.

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