Google Photos collected more than 100 million users

Ever since Google launched the Google Photos app updated in May 2015, the service has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos.

Google Photos collected more than 100 million users

As of today, only five months after the announcement of the program, Google Photos reached more than 100 million active users. To celebrate this impressive number, the Google released a video that will show that most users take pictures.

To begin with, in addition to photographs of friends and family, the food is what users most frequently photographed. When it comes to photographing specific events, weddings took first place, followed by concerts, then Christmas photos and pictures of the different parties.

Among animals, dogs are the most popular. Paris – the most photographed place in the world, followed by New York and Barcelona. Also, infants received first in searching the application.

Google also said that users have created more than 15 million animations and collages, and the company has saved 3.720 TB of internal memory thanks to cloud storage.

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