Google Photos: hello, bottom panel, farewell swipe

Google Photos: hello, bottom panel, farewell swipe

After a morning update the Web version, where additional editing tools were added, All Android-Google Photos app has received a slight redesign. In addition to the new design and improved performance, editing tools and other features, unfortunately, remain unchanged.

Google Photos: hello, bottom panel, farewell swipe

The app now has a bottom line that you can see, for example, post on Google+. The panel will come to replace swipe movements and is designed to make navigation more convenient. For example, section «Photo» It remains in the center, “Assistant“ will be on the left, and the section “Albums” (in past “Collections”) Will be on the right.

Even with the lower panel, the application interface will continue to remain the sidebar to access shared albums, folders, devices, and setting the basket. Unfortunately, the lower life is not hidden when scrolling, but most likely, it will be corrected in future updates.

At the top, “assistant” It published a series of shortcuts to help you quickly create a new album, collage, animation or film. There is also a button «create» in the upper right corner to open the full list.

While many users will miss the swipe, the addition of the bottom panel to navigate the application more convenient and intuitive. Upgrade has been downloaded on Google Play, but it will take some time before you get it.

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