Google Photos proved human innocence

There are many arguments in favor of the automatic backups of your photos and videos in the cloud, but most of them boil down to, to get access to content from anywhere. But sometimes the automatic backup can bring a real advantage, and as a learned man from Toronto, it can save you a lot of nerves.

Google Photos proved human innocence

According to «Toronto Star»Which is Canada’s largest daily newspaper, Abdi Sheikh Qasim was arrested by Toronto police for assaulting a police officer when the constables demanded to let them into the apartment, Qasim got a smartphone to record the illegal actions, but the police knocked the device out of his hands.

Qasim was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and failure to comply with a court order, and its smart phone was gone. After his release pending the court appearance, Qasim did not find the machine, but found that Google Photo automatically copied video.

In court, the two officers said that Qasim initiated the conflict, but after watching the video, it became clear that Qasim was innocent.

Thus, Google Photo helped prove the innocence of a person, and Google once again confirmed the title «good corporate».

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