Google plans to enter the VR-business market

For some time it was clear that Google is delighted by virtual reality. Initiative Cardboard, offers affordable VR-headset m introduction of VR-functions on the Android ecosystem allows millions of users to get a new experience.

Google plans to enter the VR-business market

But the current cardboard headset inadequate in comparison with the products that offer the leading mobile manufacturers. For example, Samsung Gear VR combines hardware features to enhance performance, as well as software that opens the full capacity of the equipment.

The difference between the Cardboard VR and other offerings is essential, but it probably will not remain so for long. Google has every incentive to strengthen their ecosystem to enter the market of virtual reality.

A new series of ads on Google’s job suggests that the company is working on hardware that goes beyond the simple combination of a virtual reality helmet and smartphones. Google is looking for candidates who are able to develop and deliver equipment VR-consumer.

Among the actual number of vacancies rendering engineer, interaction designer, Motion Designer, which, of course, can make VR-device Google’s competitive.

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