Google Play can return to China this year

There world is China. The Chinese love to do things his own way, and this includes the app stores. Android-devices in China are legally required to be deprived of Google services, including application store (also known as Google Play) and the like.

Google Play can return to China this year

According to the head of Lenovo’s mobile division, Chen Xudong, 2016 will be the second year, when Google finally be able to return to one of the largest markets in the world of smartphones.

Xudong said, it’s pretty obvious that Google has long been eyeing to penetrate the Chinese market, and most likely this will be the year when it will happen.

Now smartphones in China come with the app store, established by the respective OEM-manufacturers, instead of a single store of Google applications.

Of course, so far Google has not confirmed nor denied the information. But knowing the methods of such companies as Google, we can not see the applications from Google, while Google Play does not really come to China.

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