Google Play Games will be able to record the game

For a long time Google Play Games was little functional application, and most of its options reduced to sync save and open different achievements. Not long ago, Google announced the Android accessibility to record gameplay through YouTube Gaming, and now many users there is another way to write games.

Google Play Games will be able to record the game

The new version of Google Play Games app also allows you to easily record your gameplay. This will require to run the program, select any game and then click on the record button. Availability and choice of gameplay capture resolution: 720p and 480p.

In addition, users also have the opportunity to comment on what is happening on the screen using the front-facing camera and microphone. After the recording is finished, you can edit the video, and then upload it to YouTube.

First gameplay recording will be available in the US and the UK in the next few days. Other countries, according to the Google, will have a new feature later.

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