Google Play has a new system of assessment reviews

In the last day, Google is experimenting with some changes on Google Play, in particular, the section reviews. For quite a long time there is a filtration comments in the app store and now the company has added a new way to interact with these comments.

Google Play has a new system of assessment reviews

Previously, Google Play icon is displayed in the form of a thumbs up or down next to each comment with which you would be able to quickly assess each of the comments. Apparently, with a negative symbol to be done, but instead it will be a new znachёk, through which you could mark a comment as spam.

This is much more convenient to the previous mode of interaction, because if a comment is useful – it will get an approving assessment of the – if not, will be useful below. BB if a comment is spam, it will get a corresponding mark.

Changes have been noticed by some users a few months ago, but as it usually happens, the general public, they have become available only recently.

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