Google Play has received a major redesign

Not so long ago Kirill Grushnikov posted screenshots of the updated Google Play, according to which the store expects a major redesign. Now an updated application begins to come to the device.

Google Play has received a major redesign

The new design immediately catch the eye, as it is quite a significant departure from the past the UI, the app got recycled tabs on the main interface: “Applications and Games”, and “Entertainment”.

“Entertainment” It accommodates subsections movies and TV, music, books and the press, and the tab “Applications and Games” It had separate sections for the top of the charts, games, categories, family and “Editor’s Choice”. Also, the transition between categories was changed: instead of swipe now used oblong buttons, which are placed at the top of the application.

Google Play began just recently updated, so most users will soon have to get a new version of the application. However, as a rule, because of the spread of the fan, it may take some time, so you should be patient.

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