Google Play iTunes surpassed by the number of app downloads

According to new statistics from research firm App Annie, the number of downloads from Google Play continues to grow, although the company’s revenue can still be a problem.

The report states that the increase in downloads contributed to countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico, which accounted for half of the total growth in downloads from Google Play.

Thus the number from 100 million application downloads risen in 2013 to more than 200 million in 2015. During the same period, iOS app store continues to hold at around 100 million downloads per year.

However, Google loses profit from the application. According to App Annie, the iTunes application generated slightly less than the $ 200 million in revenue from applications, while Google gets $ 100 million profit.
Unfortunately, it is not clear that it is included in these figures.

If the revenue from advertising included in these statistics, it is not the best indicator for Google Pay. However, if you include only purchase in the Google Play app and purchase from the app, there is, that is a huge part of the revenue which Google applications store can compete with Apple.

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