Google Play Music got the ability to quickly assess

Do you own a huge music library or just like to look through the latest releases, you will surely be pleased to know that the Google Play Music, a new function that simplifies the evaluation of music.

Google Play Music got the ability to quickly assess

Now, along with the fact that users are able to switch between the music directly from the notification bar, they can also evaluate it.

Little evaluation of icons that were previously hidden within an application are displayed on the left and right side of the Google Play Music notification, which will facilitate rapid assessment of the students of the song they are listening to.

As usual, the rating system applies to both local and online music and to radio stations via streaming service.

Previously, the Google, tried to implement this feature, but the last time evaluation of icons were together next to the button switch to the previous track.

Update is now available for download on Google Play. Those who have not received notification of the availability of the new version will have to wait a little longer.

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