Google Play Music has got a new section

More from October of last year, Google Play Music is preparing to introduce the podcast yesterday sports commentator Bill Simmons said that this function is going to appear as early as February. And given that Google likes to test innovations with the help of users, it turns out that option may already be enabled.

Google Play Music has got a new section

As it turned out, in the code of version 6.3, which was released last week, are already required line. Thus, the option was almost ready to run through the servers, and some users have already begun to see the podcast icon in the side menu of the application.

Section podcast is very similar to the other sections of the application. It is divided into two tabs for guests and features its own subscription to the search box at the top.

However, the search function is universal for all content, which means that you will get a list of songs, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts and videos. Of course, Google can limit the search to only podcasts using filters.

When you subscribe to a podcast, you will be asked whether to automatically download the latest episodes 5 and receive notifications of new releases.

Finally, notice «Now Playing” very similar to that of playing music, except that icons of music evaluation are replaced by the rewind button – a necessity in any player of podcasts.

Of course, while the new section does not have many features, but we hope that they will in future updates.

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