Google Play received a modified window interface reviews

Google is constantly making changes to your game store, and these changes are often hidden in the application code, and activated on the server side. And if you missed the weekly updates, Google Play, then we have good news.

At this time, as you can see, the Google is testing a layout for reviews, which removes the dialog box, when you leave a comment. Instead, the dialog is incorporated into the page. You can see the current style for the above comparison. Basically, it looks like Google is experimenting with getting rid of the pop-up window for leaving reviews.

The layout window has been tweaked a bit in the past year, but a new screen above looks much cleaner and more consistent style of the company’s applications. You may also notice that there is only one text field for the content of comments, the company removed the string from zalovkom.

Few users will see this interface right now, so we can not say whether Google is testing something else. Most likely, there is no way to make this interface is activated, so it remains only to wait for the Google, that could soon turn invisible switch and start a new kind of application.

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