Google Play services 7.8 SDK adds a new API

Google has completed the implementation of Google Play Services 7.8, which brings a number of new API for developers. In this release are included such as an API Nearby Messages, Mobile Vision and Google Cloud Messaging.

Google Play services 7.8 SDK adds a new API

SDK is now available for developers to download. Here is some additional information about the new features:

Nearby Messages: cross-platform API for research and communication with mobile devices and beacons on the principle of proximity. Nearby uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as ultrasonic audio modem to connect to the devices.

Mobile Vision API: allows developers to detect human faces in images and video. API faster, more accurate and provides more information than Android FaceDetector. Barcode API allows applications to recognize bar codes on the unit in real time at any orientation. It supports a wide range of bar codes and can detect multiple barcodes simultaneously.

Google Cloud Messaging: API extends the localization support notification for Android. GCM will handle display notifications on the basis of the current device location, and help determine what messages are displayed, and on what device.

If you have Android-Developer, be sure to download the latest version of the SDK in order to implement the new API, and features in your applications.

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